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About us

We have read a lot of the “About” pages from different companies over the years, and we really don’t care “about” the company. What we want to know is who we dealing with. So with that being said this is “Who we are”.

We opened Wicked Sharp in 2010; we were wide eyed and hopeful. We were trying to fill a void that Ski Market left in the industry. We had a very unconventional approach to the ski business; we did not want to just “sell stuff”. Which seems kind of silly for a business, but the approach we took was that customers should get the right equipment, not the most expensive or the gear their buddy says would be awesome(unless of course their buddy was right).   We took this approach with new adult as well as pre-owned junior packages. As we have watched families grow up over the years, it seems the approach we chose works.

We are proud that our customers like us, and tell their friends about us. That alone tells us that we are doing things right. As we grow as a company we try to bring new and exciting gear and programs to our customers. We look forward to serving you for years to come.


Shara and JP