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Q: Do you demo skis?

A: We do have a Demo program for potential customers looking to purchase new skis.  We believe that people should have the option to try before they buy, and make their decision based on their experience.

Q: What is the cost to demo skis?

A: $10, we will make a copy of your credit card to keep on file, you will need to be signed up with SKEEDY ID to demo skis.

Q. My skis/snowboard get rusty over the summer, is there any way to prevent that from happening?

A. Yes, the best way to keep your gear in good shape in the off season is to keep them in a climate controlled environment. The best place to store your gear are under a bed, or in a closet.

Q. Are there any lift ticket deals?

A.  Yes there are. If you have a 4th or 5th Grader in your family deals are a plenty! Ski NH has a deal for 4th and 5th graders, you send them $35.00 and they send a booklet with tons of lift ticket deals. Ski Vermont has a 5th grade passport as well! The Vermont passport is only $10!

Q. What Skier Type am I? 

A. That is a question we can not answer for you. Here are are some guidelines on how to choose.

  • Type I Skiers - Cautious skiers, ski on gentle or smooth slopes with moderate pitch - mainly green and blue
  • Type II Skiers - not classified as Type I or Type III Skiers - mainly blues and some black, survives double blacks
  • Type III Skiers - Fast skiing, excellent technique, moderate to steep slopes - uses the whole mountain, skis everything well

Q. Do you sell used helmets?

A. No. The reason we do not sell used helmets is because there is no way we can determine what impacts the helmet has had. Helmets are like baby seats, if you are not sure if the impact was serious enough to warrant a new one, replace it.

Q. What age should i give poles to my kids?

A. As a general rule once they are skiing on their own, meaning you will let them go off with friends or siblings. Then give them poles; it will help with mobility. Other than that rely on the ski instructor's advice on when to introduce poles.