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Pre - Owned Gear

** Please bring a digital or hard copy of your receipt when picking up your Pre-Owned Gear online purchase**

Q: Do you rent skis and/or equipment?

A: We do not rent anything at Wicked Sharp. Our prices beat renting any day

Q: Do you accept trade-ins?

A: Absolutely, as long as the equipment is up-to-date and in working order. Many of our customers trade-in their outgrown equipment and apply that trade-in value to the updated pre-owned package that they purchase. Trade-ins may be used toward the purchase of new or used equipment or you may get a store credit

Q: How much does it cost to buy the pre-owned ski package?

A: Our packages start at $139.99. These package prices include pre-owned skis, boots, and bindings

Q: How much does it cost to buy the pre-owned snowboard package?

A: Our snowboard packages start at $139.99.This package price includes a pre-owned snowboard, boots, and bindings

Q: Is there any additional cost?

A: You do have the option to have us tune-up your new pre-owned skis, as well as adjust the bindings for $10.00 when you purchase our pre-owned packages. For snowboards you have the option to have us tune the board for $10.00

Q: What if you don't have something in my size in stock?

A: We encourage you to check back with us to see if we have it in stock. You are welcome to buy what we do have in your size a la carte. For example, if we have your size skis and bindings in stock, but not the boots, you can purchase boots elsewhere. We will still tune-up and adjust/test your bindings for you for $20, as you would have purchased the boots from us if we had them in stock

Q: Can I get on a waiting list for sizes you don't have in stock at that time?

A: Due to overwhelming demand for certain sizes, we do not have a waiting list and volume gets too high to call customers when the size comes in. If we are out of stock on the size you need, feel free to check in with us as often as you like as we do get trade-ins daily

Q: If I call and my size is in, will you hold it for me?

A: Due to the overwhelming demand, we cannot put items on hold

Q: If I purchase skis and want to wait for said boots to come in, can I just leave my skis there?

A: Due to high volume and limited space, we are unable to hold your purchased items while you wait for the other item(s) to come in.